A more efficient, cost-effective and safe inspection process that gives better, closer monitoring and control, while you continue your business operations as usual.

Industrial inspections, routine or otherwise, mostly involve the use of ladders, ropes and rigs to scale large machinery and towers, oversee processes and locate bottlenecks. As well as being risky for inspectors, the process requires machinery to be shut down, resulting in significant financial implications. RPR drone solution offers inspectors a professional tool for viewing difficult-to-access areas, giving them a safer, more cost-efficient way of gaining greater insight into operation-critical processes. By creating a completely automatic platform the drone is autonomously deployed and landed, with pre-defined missions and applications, to collect aerial data which the system analyzes, providing a clear picture of difficult-to-access machinery. RPR solution is eliminating the logistics involved in drone operations to provide reliable, on-demand aerial data, premium processing and analytics capabilities, while simplifying inspection processes and enabling work to be carried out as required. 






Detailed, up-close inspections of key industrial assets and infrastructure can be a time-consuming and often dangerous undertaking. Using drones for inspections can save considerable time, and enhance decision making in terms of asset maintenance and repair.

We have specialized drones for up-close internal and external inspection across a range of applications, including the energy and power generation facilities, large infrastructure assets, such as bridges, highways and rail lines, and core utilities, such as water supply and drainage facilities.

We also offer custom data management solutions to store, track and manage the huge amount of information generated by drone inspection processes. These solutions also offer AI-based predictive analysis tools as inspection data builds up over time.



Collecting and analyzing data to produce invaluable insights for informed decision making, risk management and planning, all improving your bottom line.

Surveying and mapping industrial environments is time-consuming, difficult and often dangerous. sUAS allows surveyors and mappers to collect unlimited aerial data and precise measurements, while saving time, money and manpower. Eliminating the logistics of drone operations, RPR provides scheduled and on-demand aerial data collection, and premium processing and analytics capabilities to support critical processes such as stock pile volume measurements, terrain mapping, site planning and more. Without compromising the demanding requirements of the profession, this precision-driven solution simplifies the surveying process with pre-defined mapping missions. The drone is automatically deployed and landed, and the system analyzes the aerial data, creating highly accurate, best-in-class orthophotos and digital elevation models to assist in surveying reports. In addition to surveying and mapping, another solution Airobotics provides is drones for security and surveillance, which may be of great assistance to a variety of industrial operations.




Mapping professionals routinely face difficult and time-consuming tasks in industrial environments that are often dangerous, with a clear understanding of these challenges, sUAS are a great tool for surveyors and mappers that collects unlimited aerial data and provides more precise measurements - while saving considerable time, money and manpower. RPR mapping solutions allow stakeholders to receive high-definition topographic maps delivered in a timely fashion (AutoCAD, etc.), along with updated Google Earth layers, and orthomosaic maps. Our customers enjoy real-time, high-definition, actionable data, eliminating the need to wait for weeks to get traditional ground survey results or rely on outdated public maps.